Privacy Policy

last updated on December 24, 2020.

Features and commands that store user-generated data are listed comprehensively here, sorted by the category that the command is part of. Features that only store data such as snowflake IDs are not listed here, as that information is Discord-generated.



If [​note] is passed, the value is stored in a database until <​when> has finished, at which point it is deleted. You are able to remove your reminders with forgetme.



The UTC offset passed in <​utc_offset> is stored in a database row tied to the author's user ID. This is viewable with time <​member>. It is recommended to simply reset your timezone to 0 if you want to erase it, but if you no longer want an entry, you can contact me in the bearhouse.

VC Stats

vcstats track

The "template" section of setup for this command is stored in a database row, along with the channel ID that it applies to. You can remove this data with vcstats remove.

Custom Commands

customcoms add

Arguments <​command_name> and <​response> are stored in a database. Value response can be accessed by running command_name as a regular command in chat. Custom commands are per-guild and can be deleted by their author or the server owner with customcoms delete <​command_name>.