An Intro to Slash Commands

specifically in bearger, obviously.

funny beginning words

Slash commands (among other things) were teased by Discord in a blog post from April 2020, and now they're here!

what's a slash command?

If you've used something like /shrug in your Discord app, you've used a slash command. For a long time, the only slash commands available were from Discord themselves, but as of December 9th, bot creators are able to have their own!

bearger's slash commands

You should now be able to see bearger in the slash commands UI by typing / in your chatbar. If you dont see commands in your chatbar like this when you type /, try refreshing your client/restarting the app. If the menu doesn't look like that at all, you should try going into Text & Images settings and enabling the "use slash commands and preview emojis, mentions, ..." option.

exciting! when will all of bearger's commands be added?

Currently, you are able to have 100 global commands and 100 server-specific commands. Because of this (and because too many standard commands would get very very messy), bearger has just one global command, which lets you add up to 100 of your custom commands as slash commands.

Run /coms sync to start the process (it may take a long time on custom command-heavy servers, but keep in mind no more than 100 can be added). If your commands become unsynced for whatever reason, you can simply run /coms sync again and they will re-sync.